Friday, December 25, 2009

Seabrew Paddle

Went on the Sea Brew (Sea Kayaking for Hebrews) Christmas Day Paddle. I guess for Jewish people on the east coast, they go for Chinese food and the movies on Christmas day. Out here, no need to stay inside, so Danny Forer has started an annual tradition of a paddle to Angel Island. I may not be Jewish, but I am also not an active Christian nor have family nearby that I need to go do the Christmas thing with, so I joined them.

The paddle started at Sea Trek's beach in Sausalito, but I decided to paddle over from San Francisco. Maybe it was the spare the air day? Or maybe it was to save the $5 toll on the Golden Gate Bridge? No matter - that is what I did. My GPS track is below.

I was worried about the currents. Supposed to be a relatively strong tide, maxing out at about 2.5 to 3 mph at 10:30 or so. I was paddling from one side of the bay to the other, so would have to use ferry angles (paddle at angles to offset a current going sideways).

As you can see in the picture below, it was a pitiful day to be out. The currents caused huge waves, as did the wind. And a huge number of pleasure craft and sea lice (jet skis) out. Hard to believe we dared to go out in these waters... (click on picture to see the waves in their huge awesomeness that Glenn Nunez and Dennis Holton had to fight)

Danny and his lady friend checking out the tourists from the water between high braces...

Glenn paddling along Angel Island just outside the surf zone after lunch...

And for those that do consider today to be some sort of religious holiday, here's a little nautical season's greetings from the Maritime Museum...



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