Friday, June 24, 2005


Mainichi Daily is a newspaper in Japan. One area of it is a web page called WaiWai, where they cover a side of Japan which is rarely talked about or seen. I find this stuff very interesting.

毎日新聞はWaiWaiと言う部分がある。 日本の珍しい事だ。 とても面白い。



At 5:37 AM, Anonymous motomi said...

What did you find the most interesting on that site?

At 6:41 PM, Blogger PeterD said...

I find all of the articles to be interesting. They cover a side of Japan that I haven't seen. Plus, the articles are more explicit in what they talk about than how they would be written in America.

何が面白いですかね? 全部の記事ですよ。 その記事は分からない事を書きます。 そしてWaiWaiはアメリカの雑誌より性表現情報です。


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