Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Welcome / ようこそ

Hello and welcome to my Blog.

Why am I making a Blog. Well, I don't have a reason right now. When I was traveling a lot, I had a set of web journals (this was before Blogs were around) that I manually posted.

Blog software (like allow me to post easier and allow people to post comments, so this is definitely better than the manual posting system I used before.

If I start traveling again or otherwise do something interesting, I can use this location for my postings.

I will try to write in both English and Japanese.

始めまして。 ブログにようこそ。

如何して私はブログを作る? 今理由がない。 沢山旅行をした時、手動のウェブ日記を作った。ブログを発明した前だった。



英語と日本語でブログを書こう。 でも私の日本語がまだ上手じゃない。


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