Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New bicycle / 新しい自転車

I bought a new bicycle.

A few weeks back, someone stole my road bicycle from my garage. They cut the lock and stole that bicycle and another person's bicycle. That was disappointing.

But now I have a new bicycle! This bicycle is special in that it is made for traveling. It has this special method of splitting apart and comes with a custom made suitecase that fits it.

Now I am ready for some adventures!



2,3週間前に泥棒にロードの自転車を取られた。 錠を壊した。自転車2台を取った。がっかりさせた。

でも今新しい自転車がある。 旅行のための特別の自転車だ。 自転車のスーツケースに詰める事は簡単だ。


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